“I take pride that Nebraska is the only 100% public power state in the United States, and I want to ensure our public power will sustain communities well into the future. I will fight for opportunities to transition to 21st century technologies during this time of unprecedented change, to create more jobs and make our economy stronger. I want to make certain that our children have a healthy and vital place to live, work and raise the next generation of Nebraskans.” – Mary Harding, NPPD

       Like most Nebraskans, I believe economic growth and environmental benefits will result from the modernization our public power system. It will return great dividends to the people and businesses of this state. I have had conversations with thousands of Nebraskans, who reaffirm the commitment to harness our natural resources efficiently and with common sense to provide the convenience, comfort and power we have come to rely on. 


       Public power must keep pace with the rapid change in today’s technology to generate, manage and use electricity. Today we are called to see the possibilities of public power with fresh eyes, and to imagine how we can fuel a more vibrant economy and quality of life for Nebraskans. As we do, we will create jobs and attract new business to the state, offer customer-driven solutions to reduce electric consumption and keep bills low, and protect the cherished natural resources of this state. NPPD can be a partner in lowering property taxes, creating energy security and contributing to the future of communities where our children will want to live and raise their families.


       I would appreciate your vote in the upcoming election. Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to share your views with me.  


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